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lat flap 1
I turned to the literature and found prominent articles discussing breast reconstruction and giving minimal consequence to shoulder function after resection of the latissimus dorsi muscle. As a physical therapist, this left me in a quandary, “Really? Harvesting a portion of the broadest muscle of the back then threading it […]

Rehab Take-home Messages: Latissimus Dorsi Reconstruction and Functional Implications of ...

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF); a kind description would be a pervasive and disruptive feeling of lethargy associated with cancer treatment…my patient compared CRF this week, however, to a female dog! Fatigue has been found to be even more troublesome that cancer-related pain (1).  Prospective longitudinal studies have shown that between 73.8-90.5% […]

Acupressure for Cancer-Related Fatigue: A Quick Pick-Me-Up Routine (Part 1)