One of the benefits of teaching is the copious amounts of learning I receive through connecting with other practitioners just as passionate about improving survivorship for breast cancer patients as I am. As you can imagine, my recent teaching adventures in New Zealand and Australia revealed some differences in cancer […]

New Zealand Physios Note the Benefits of Mepitel for Preventing ...

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    Fatigue is one of the most distressing side effects of cancer treatment. Medication is often provided for this common complaint; however, the efficacy of this is not well supported. The reasons for fatigue are often multi-factorial and difficult to pinpoint as the root cause. Pain, electrolyte and fluid […]

Cancer-related Fatigue: Self-acupressure for Sustained Energy (Part 2)

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I turned to the literature and found prominent articles discussing breast reconstruction and giving minimal consequence to shoulder function after resection of the latissimus dorsi muscle. As a physical therapist, this left me in a quandary, “Really? Harvesting a portion of the broadest muscle of the back then threading it […]

Rehab Take-home Messages: Latissimus Dorsi Reconstruction and Functional Implications of ...

Cancer-related fatigue (CRF); a kind description would be a pervasive and disruptive feeling of lethargy associated with cancer treatment…my patient compared CRF this week, however, to a female dog! Fatigue has been found to be even more troublesome that cancer-related pain (1).  Prospective longitudinal studies have shown that between 73.8-90.5% […]

Acupressure for Cancer-Related Fatigue: A Quick Pick-Me-Up Routine (Part 1)

According to Schmitz et al, 94% of people experience fatigue as a side effect during breast cancer treatment, and unfortunately, this condition commonly persists after treatment ends. Fatigue is often described as an unrelenting sense of tiredness that interferes with daily functioning. The symptoms of fatigue, such as generalized weakness, […]

Fatigue and Breast Cancer: More Common than Not