One of the benefits of teaching is the copious amounts of learning I receive through connecting with other practitioners just as passionate about improving survivorship for breast cancer patients as I am. As you can imagine, my recent teaching adventures in New Zealand and Australia revealed some differences in cancer […]

New Zealand Physios Note the Benefits of Mepitel for Preventing ...

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    Fatigue is one of the most distressing side effects of cancer treatment. Medication is often provided for this common complaint; however, the efficacy of this is not well supported. The reasons for fatigue are often multi-factorial and difficult to pinpoint as the root cause. Pain, electrolyte and fluid […]

Cancer-related Fatigue: Self-acupressure for Sustained Energy (Part 2)

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I turned to the literature and found prominent articles discussing breast reconstruction and giving minimal consequence to shoulder function after resection of the latissimus dorsi muscle. As a physical therapist, this left me in a quandary, “Really? Harvesting a portion of the broadest muscle of the back then threading it […]

Rehab Take-home Messages: Latissimus Dorsi Reconstruction and Functional Implications of ...