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Welcome to Live Beyond Breast Cancer! A site dedicated to education about the side effects of breast cancer treatment and what rehabilitation can do to prevent and alleviate these side effects.

A couple of weeks ago I had 5 breast cancer survivors on my patient care list and that day felt like gratitude day! Each one of my patients spoke about the positive impact rehabilitation has had on helping them regain function and live their life’s purpose. Humbly, I tried to explain away the gratitude, “anyone can do what I do.” I said. But, then I thought about it and said quietly to myself,

“Give yourself credit, Susannah.”

I have spent three years researching breast cancer, indications for medical interventions, side effects of treatment and putting the pieces together about what we as rehab practitioners can do to lessen the impact of these debilitating side effects. It is a purpose of mine to share this knowledge; my continuing education course, “Rehabilitation and Breast Oncology” is just one of the first of many launch pads in this venture. It’s true, other people can do what I do, but we are a rare breed of rehab practitioner indeed and I can’t wait for us to multiply!

The morning after ‘the day of gratitude’ I awoke wanting to say something and wanting to be loud about it. Whatever I wanted to say I knew I needed the internet to do it (which is funny because anyone who knows me knows I don’t own a T.V., I still listen to CDs and am a tech minimalist). “What do you want to say?” a voice asked me. And the answer came out plain and simple, “I want people to understand how to treat the side effects of breast cancer.” Simple. Done.

The name of the website livebeyondbreastcancer.com came freely to me a moment later. I understood that this site would provide the ability to reach people internationally. “I want to teach this course globally,” I thought.

“Well, who are you to do that?” a voice in my head said.

“Why not me?” a rhetorical voice said. It’s clear, I thought, the need is great and the knowledge is thin…I need to fix that.

I have countless stories to propel me on this mission. I have helped women go back to work, be able play their favorite sport…be intimate with their partner again. They didn’t just have to ‘live with it,’ and neither do most breast cancer survivors…there is help…just not enough ‘know how.’

I wrote this course and I created this website because I believe every person on this earth has a gift and sharing these gifts gives us purpose.

I believe living may be defined as the degree to which someone is able to express these inherent gifts.

I believe purpose drives passion and that the world could use more of it.

I look forward to working in collaboration with other practitioners to help offer solutions that might improve the quality of life of breast cancer survivors so that they might have the tools to live out their purpose. I give thanks for my greatest teachers…my patients whom I serve.

Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to what is about to become and what I know lies beyond my greatest imaginings.

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